Since the foundation of our service centers, the main priority was to establish a mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our customers. To make our proposed service optimally beneficial to our customers, we make corporate contract under which services are provided nizheperechchislennye completely free of charge: 


  1. Top up antifreeze 
  2. Change air filter 
  3. Changing headlight bulbs 
  4. Total technical inspection 
  5. Changing the wiper 
  6. repair switches 
  7. Diagnosis and replacement fuses 


Is not a complete list of our clients includes VebTek, AzInterOil, Barmek, BJ Service, East - West Helicopter Services, European Tobacco - Baku, FELS Baku, IES, MKSIF, PSL Energy Services, Rigblast Energy LTD, Schlumberger, SGB Denholum Limited, SGS, SI American Exp., SI LW, TPAO, TPOC, UNHCR, UNICEF, etc. 


In addition to the above, our corporate clients each year get more discounts and free services provided by the listing suschestenno expanding, because we believe in the truth of that old friend is better than two new ones.